Even though I write honestly on my blog, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the actual goings-on of my life. If it did, then the vast majority of recent posts would have been related to my upcoming trip to Moldova, because it’s been all I’ve been breathing and planning and talking about for the last several weeks. I’m heading to the airport at dinnertime, and it’s mid-afternoon now.

I chose this map to show you because it shows where exactly in Europe Moldova is located.

Mapa-de-las-Principales-Instalaciones-de-la-Industria-de-Defensa-de-Moldavia-4491People keep asking me if I’m nervous. I think nervousness is the emotion that I am probably feeling the least, to be honest. I feel peaceful and happy. Back in February I posted a letter here on this blog explaining how this trip came about. This morning I was reflecting on all of that and feeling the weight of this day. The importance of this moment. How long I’ve been waiting, and all the streams of life that God worked together to intersect in today. It’s amazing.

And yet, even though it feels like a completion, it also feels like a door. I’m about to step through to something that I absolutely cannot see. I don’t where I’m going. I don’t know what I will be doing or feeling. I can’t imagine what it will look, see, taste, smell, feel like. Feel like. I don’t know. But God’s in it, and I’m excited.

My plane leaves in a few hours and I’m not finished packing, so I’m going to leave this post right short. I just wanted to say goodbye to you few who read it. I’ll arrive home July 10th, and you should hear from me shortly thereafter. I just wanted to give you a goodbye hug of sorts. So goodbye. Hug!


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