Comfort is a Trap and Other Musings from the Basement

A word of warning – I need to fit as many updates into this post as possible before my husband arrives home and we have to leave to go to his Dad’s birthday party. Five minutes? Half an hour? More? Who knows?

The title of this post is a phrase that has been swimming around in my head all week. Last Monday I had one of those mornings where I stayed in bed far too long. I mashed the snooze button repeatedly and the allotted time passed to accomplish the task I had set the early alarm for in the first place. The bed was so cozy and warm. Out of bed was so… not. So I lingered, and lingered… and suddenly I thought , “I’m just so comfortable! And my comfort is making me stuck.” An avalanche of realization dropped into my skull as I simultaneously considered all of the areas of my life where that little nugget of truth is applicable. I got out of bed right away and did the thing I had meant to do, albeit not as well as I should have.

All week long I’ve been looking at my habits, and different areas of my life, and I’ve been thinking – am I stuck? Have I allowed myself to let comfort get in the way of doing what I really want here? Too often, the answer is yes.

So that is that.

In other news, it is high time I provide an update about  my monthly resolutions. In March I learned that I suck at being healthy. The only aspect of my March resolutions that I actually stuck with was to keep up the running training. I don’t even remember what the other resolutions were. Terrible.

Which brings me to April. I didn’t set a particular resolution this month because I had two major deadlines coming up – both arrive next week in fact – and I wanted to focus on meeting those goals. The first is that I am running a 5k race (well, more of a community run than a race, I guess) one week from today. And the other is that I am submitting a piece to a writing contest. The deadline is May 1st, and I’m almost ready. I’m hoping to submit sometime in the next week. It is nice to be running again, and writing again, although I feel like a bit of a noob in both areas.

For May, I am doing something a little different. I am going to avoid being photographed at all as a personal protest to society’s current obsession with image. In addition to that, I am going to do my best to refrain from taking any photographs at all. That part will be much trickier as it has become second nature to whip out my phone and snap pictures several times each day. For the month of May, if I see a rainbow I am going to experience it with my senses instead of my iPhone camera lens like I did two days ago:

IMG_20130419_191627I will see you on instagram in June!