Resolutions Update

Ah the failures and fortunes of February.

If you’re reading this blog for the first time, just know that started 2013 with the plan to try a new resolution every month. In January it was my goal to blog every day. I didn’t, but I blogged most days, and the point of my January goal was to get me blogging regularly again. And I am. So I win.

In February it was “all about my body.” And well, I don’t even remember the goals I set. So, um, well, I suppose I fail them all. One good thing is that someone at church started a Run Club at church to train for an annual, local, and upcoming 5km. I joined, and I’ve been plugging away at my walk / run routine three times each week. We run as a group after church on Sundays, and I have to say that I love the camaraderie. The other two days I’ve been going alone, and occasionally with my sister.

I just realized today that March is upon us and not only did I abandon my resolutions in February, I haven’t even thought about what to do for March. It took me about three seconds to come up with something.


I’ve decided to refocus and narrow down my ‘healthy body’ goals. These are my goals for March, starting tomorrow (March 4).

1. No drinking except for special occasions.

The rules basically go like this:

A friend’s birthday party out at a restaurant IS a special occasion.

TGIF and I need to unwind IS NOT a special occasion.

The reasons for this rule basically are:

Booze has hidden calories.

Booze makes me snacky, and every time I drink I inevitably eat more, and eat worse.

I drink too often for no other reason than, hey it’s dinner time, break out the wine!

And, while I know a nice glass of red wine has some health benefits, drinking is generally not a healthy undertaking and I could afford to do a lot less of it.

2. Run three times per week.

This should be pretty easy to keep up because I’m already in a pretty good routine.Ā 

This time around I learned the trick of putting it in my calendar, in the same pen colour and with the same seriousness as any of my daughters’ activities. For too long I have been putting self care into the last family-priority slot. Every Sunday I look at the week’s activities, figure out which two days work best (Sundays are pretty much automatic because of our group) and write them down. Then, the morning of, I can think, okay, today we’re having x for dinner, g-child has b-activity and it’s run day. And then I do it.

3. Walk each day that I don’t run.

Long solitary walks are one of life’s greatest joys, in my opinion. Getting out there everyday will give me the double benefit of more physical activity and increased happiness and inner peace.

I do believe this will be my hardest goal to achieve, because it’s hard to do anything everyday, especially when life gets busy. But I will try.

4. Perfect eating Mondays.

I can’t eat perfectly everyday. I’m not even in a frame of mind where I could eat perfectly 5 days per week and cheat on weekends. But I can eat perfectly on Mondays. Hey, it’s a start.

I’m looking forward to updating you with my progress on these goals. I am employing a new habit-forming app I got called Life Tracker.



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