10 Things I Like About My New House

Alternate Title: Something shorter and less intense than my latest posts. 🙂

We moved into our new place in November, and here we are wrapping up February now. We’re beginning to settle in. We like it here. Here are ten of my favorite things about it.

1) The kitchen. The kitchen and the yard were probably the two things we were the most excited about after we made the purchase but before we made the move. We were so impressed by these two things that we could hardly remember anything else about the place as we anticipated living in our new house. The kitchen introduced a new colour into my life: RED. I love it. It has a nicely sized dining space, with ample room for our dining table, which is something that our last kitchen didn’t have. At Christmas dinner we added another table into the same space and sat 13 people. Comfortably. Amazing.

2) Having fires. When we bought the house the fireplace was mostly just an ugly red brick focal point in the living room that I couldn’t wait to paint or drywall over. I knew we would be able to have fires, but since I’ve never really lived in a house with a real working fireplace before I just didn’t realize how nice it is to have a fire. We do it all the time. It’s so relaxing. And pretty. And romantic. 🙂

3) The neighbours. There are two kids across the street who are the exact same age as our kids. They all play together just about every single day. It. Is. Awesome. The other day my husband said that he would have moved here just for that, regardless of anything to do with the actual house. I agree.

4) The hidden treasures in the backyard. Like I said, we moved here in November, so the yard has been buried under a layer of snow. I can see that there are flowerbeds marked out with pretty round riverstones. I can see that there is a fenced in garden area complete with compost bins up on the second tier. I can see a stone birdbath. I can see various trees including a few lilac bushes (I’ve always wanted a lilac!) But I have no idea what will come up in the spring. I am excited about the discoveries to come.

5) The neighbourhood. It is quiet. It is safe. It is friendly. It feels like we live in a cocoon up here.

6) The downstairs. I don’t spend nearly as much time down there as I do up here. But it has all the downstairs ‘things.’ Like an ugly but somehow cozy t.v. room where you feel comfortable leaving blankets laying around everywhere and the elliptical trainer doen’t look out of place. It has a laundry room with ancient cabinets tacked up which provides tons of extra storage for Costco-sized packs of toilet paper, rarely used cleaners and all the stuff I’m saving to donate to the thrift store. We never had much extra space to put that kind of stuff before. An extra bathroom. A computer room!

7) The kids’ rooms. The kids share a bedroom. Our youngest went through a phase of fascination with natural disasters last fall and consequently was having a lot of fear in the middle of the night. When we moved I suggested they share a bedroom and they went for it. They really seem to like this arrangement. They have their desks and toys in the third upstairs bedroom.

8) Everything is done. Pretty much. Parts of our new house are very dated (the bathrooms are just tragic) but all the important things – the roof, the hot water tank, the heat pump, the kitchen – have been redone in recent years. My friend lived here before us and I knew she kept up with all the maintenance. Everything is in great shape! It is so nice that any changes we need to do are purely cosmetic and are more on a want-to-do instead of a need-to-do basis. I know that things will come up eventually, but it’s a nice way to begin in a house.

9) The proximity to work. We used to be very central, and we moved to the outskirts, but I’m closer to my job, all the amenities are nearby, and the kids can take the school bus (I used to drive them) so I actually spend way less time driving. And less time shopping too. Whenever I ‘go to town’ I get as many errands done as possible so I can get back out of town asap.

10) The way it has changed our family dynamic. We’ve had a lot of big changes in the last few years. But nothing has changed our lives the way this move has. Our schedules are different. They way we spend our spare time. The way we relate to each other. The way relate to our environment. The level of safety and responsibility the kids feel. The tasks we each take on. The way we entertain. The way we feel.

We like it here.


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