Detox Recap

I left off on my last post 3/4 of the way through the first day of a 3 day detox plan. And I felt great! Unfortunately, it went downhill fast.

There are three smoothies: breakfast, lunch and dinner. For an afternoon snack, you choose your favorite smoothie and have it again to total 4 smoothies in a day. On day one I had breakfast, lunch, breakfast again…. and then the dinner smoothie was nasty! All the things in it are pretty good, but all mixed together? No.

This is what was in it: flax seeds, mango, blueberries, coconut water (so far, so good right) kale (still ok) lemon, avocado (uhhhh) and CAYENNE pepper. I gagged my way through the first half but had to pour the rest down the sink.

Then I had the detox bath. That was pretty good.

On day 2, I came down with a touch of the flu. I skipped the snack smoothie altogether because I was asleep on the couch, and I made some minor adjustments to the dinner smoothie, like eating the kale on its own and omitting the cayenne pepper altogether. I’m sure it served some good healthy purpose but I just couldn’t handle it. The dinner smoothie was very tasty after I tweaked it.

But then I got my period. So I was a big, bloated, sick, headachy, gut-achy, whiny mess. My detox buddy texted me to see how I felt. She was feeling great! I was glad for her. I really, really, really was. Really.

And then, around dinner time, my eye started getting all swollen and sore to the touch. It felt like pinkeye coming on. This morning I woke up and it still hurt so I figured if I was already home sick from work I might as well go see the doctor about my eye today rather than put it off until it got bad. Luckily, I only had a blocked tear duct. My flu seems to have abated, but I still have mad cramps.

As far as today’s detoxing went, it seems the third day was the charm. Since I had so much success with tweaking the dinner smoothie last night, I tweaked all of the smoothies today. I prefer the celery and kale on the side. It is hard to say if I feel any better, because of all the other issues. I’ve always been a veggie lover but was absolutely amazed by how full I felt. Those smoothies had so much food in them! I didn’t actually get it all in to my belly on any of the three days.

I might try it again someday. I feel healthy-eating inspired, and am not craving any junk at all (the first day I was really craving a burger of all things) but I got tired of smoothies really quickly, and I’m looking forward to eating other foods tomorrow.

That’s my quick update. Headed to the couch to watch a movie. Night all!


4 thoughts on “Detox Recap

  1. So sorry you felt so lousy! That’s tough. Hard to do a cleanse while feeling well..can’t imagine doing it when sick. You might want to check the Hungry for Change 3 day cleanse. Besides a morning smoothie, it had a delicious veggie soup, but best of all, there was a DESSERT included!!! 🙂 check my health blog for some details, if you want. (sidebar of my regular blog).

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