Let’s Get Physical

This year, I’m setting a different resolution each month. In February, it’s going to be all about my physical body.

Over the last six months my lifestyle and schedule have changed dramatically and I’ve put on ten pounds. I’ve got to nip that trend in the bud. I’ve also been experiencing SAD and I know from years of experience that even though I feel the effects of the winter blues in my mind, the  best place to do battle with it is in the body. I need more exercise and I need more exposure to sunlight so I’m going to get outside more.

If you’ve known me for very long you probably know that I spend too much time in my own head. I overthink. I waffle. In fact I waffled about my February  goal for too long – it is already February 3rd! I spend so much time in my mental space that I tend to forget that I have a body at all. After I had children I pretty much spent the rest of my twenties completely disregarding my physical body. That process had its benefits. I had a lot of heart-healing and mind-growing to do at that time. But at some point along the way I woke up to the fact that all the parts of my person are connected and I need to take care of this body in order to have a healthy and whole self.

Even though I know that I need to pay attention to and care for my body it tends to be the thing that slips when I get busy, or even when I get depressed for that matter. So for the next month I am going to really focus. In fact I hope to let myself off the intellectual and emotional hook for the month of February.

I would like to lose 5 pounds in February. I am not going to count on exercise to get me there. I know that weight loss begins in the kitchen. I like the free Lose It app and website for calorie tracking. I’ve used them before.

I would like to exercise more as well. I’m beginning Run Club with a group of people from my church after the service today. I really need to spend more time outside, during daylight hours, and one of my favorite activities in all the world are long solitary walks. So I’m going to try and get out for walks 4 afternoons per week. It can’t be in the morning or evening while it is dark. I need light. I think this might be the trickiest one because taking a block of time out of the afternoon is going to be the biggest disruption to my daily pattern of living. Everything else is a tweak.

I’d also like to “be more sexy”. I still need to hash out the details of that. I have some ideas. But you probably don’t need to know those. 😉

There is not a clear outline of specific measurable goals here, but I need to get ready for church, so I’ll come back and work this out later. After Run Club.


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