Tuesday’s List is Full of Grace

As there is no cohesive post in my head today, have a list!

1. At the beginning of January I said that so far this winter had been pretty mild for me in terms of getting the blues. Well, in the last week or two, the SAD has hit full force. I’ve had a general sense of blah even when things are, by all reasonable standards, good. I’ve been easily overwhelmed when life throws me little annoyances. And I’ve even had a couple of full-on ugly crying jags because of the heaviness in my soul even as my mind searches but can’t find anything to blame.

2. Coping mechanisms: Friends. Reminding myself that it IS January, that I often feel like this in January, and that a lot of other people feel like this in January too. Lifting others up; brightening someone else’s day. Prayer. Watching movies. My husband, who has been going the extra mile to be nice because he knows how January is for me. Listening to music. This morning I considered taking a mental health day, but I knew I had a lot to do at the office, so instead of the whole day, I took a mental health half hour instead. I texted my boss that I would be 30 min late, and resorted to the good old go-for-a-drive-and-listen-to-a-new-album trick. And it did the trick. I’ve considered medication for the first time in my life. But that feels a little bit like giving up, so I have resisted the temptation. The idea of tanning (haven’t actually made it in there yet, although I did find a great tanning salon a block away from my workplace).

3. This could fit under coping mechanisms because it has been helping too. But it needs it’s own paragraph. I’m not usually the type to follow a daily devotional, but in December I decided to order Beth Moore’s Praying God’s Word devotional. It has been incredible. I keep it at work and I spend the first few minutes of the day while my computer fires up. Each day has a theme and takes you through praying scripture along the same lines. Some of the days, a lot of the days actually, have been bang-on what I need to hear in terms of meditating on the scriptures, but praying them has thrown in this whole other  element that I didn’t anticipate and that I can’t exactly describe either. I highly recommend this little book. You don’t have to wait until next year. Start is February, It looks like this:


4. My favorite household chore lately is laundry. My second favorite is vacuuming. I have not been loving any of the kitchen related stuff though. I used to revel in the planning / shopping / cooking / cleaning / organizing the kitchen part of household maintenance. But now I don’t. Which is weird, because my new kitchen is fantastic. I’ve never enjoyed cleaning the bathrooms though. Yuck.

5. I’ve been considering hiring someone to do the bathrooms and the floors. But I’m cheap. So I just keep thinking about it.

6. In the fall, I didn’t really get my kids involved in too many extra-curricular activities. I thought we’d take a bit of a break from the crazy this year. So they just did their usual ballet class that they’ve been doing every Friday afternoon since Adora was 4. In January, my Mother in law started them up with their piano lessons again. They had taken a break while she wrapped up her master’s degree. So now she’s teaching them piano and voice. Adora picked up a second ballet class. Basketball season started for her as well, with a game and a practice every week. Grace starts musical theatre next Saturday, and whammo! Tuesday is the only day of the week when they don’t have activities.

7. It smells amazing in here! Apple crisp in the oven. Boo yah!

8. Also amazing: Fiction Family’s new album, Fiction Family Reunion, just released this morning. I had pre-purchased it on iTunes. Worth the wait!

9. So I sort of let my blogging resolution for January slide. Considering the way I’ve been feeling, I was trying to not give myself too much of a hard time about it. I can never seem to decide between self-improvement and self-acceptance.

10. Oddly enough, I think I have used my elliptical trainer more times than I have blogged. That is odd because I love to write, hate to exercise and made a blogging resolution and did not make a fitness resolution.

11. But I still blogged more than I have in a long, long time. It makes me happy.

12. Well, the timer on the oven went off, and I’m not going to take the time to re-read and edit this, so forgive me my typos and the sentences that don’t flow so well. Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s List is Full of Grace

  1. I have been reading your blog post (always interesting!) but just don’t have much to say lately. Always good to hear what’s up, though. January is a tough month, I agree. Weeks (or at least it seems like weeks) without seeing the sun..yuk. Good for you on doing your elliptical regularly!

  2. That devotional sounds great – I love Beth Moore’s bible studies and am currently doing 2 of them (Breaking Free and Esther). Might have to look for the devotional too. Well done on the fitness gig — maybe the best way to achieve something is to NOT make a resolution about it?? Hehe! Still, I think you have definitely done well with your blogging one, too. I’ve enjoyed reading all your posts.

  3. I hear you on the SAD. I think the only thing that saved me this year was our tropical vacation. Even with that though I’ve had some tough moments this January. What I wouldn’t give to have the power to get rid of this cold grey weather. (I highly recommend the tanning salon. If I wasn’t so cheap I’d be there again myself!)

    I love that you blogged so much this month. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get to read lots from you in February and beyond. 🙂

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