Little Ones


Sometimes my kids do things that surprise me and delight me and make me think that everything will be alright with them and with the world. My kids seem to have taken on a prayer project all their own – praying for all the unborn babies in our circle of friends and family.

We have occasionally done this together, just remembering pregnant ladies in our prayers on occasion. But after my sister-in-law lost two babies in a row quite far into her pregnancies – 6 and 7 months respectively – we prayed in ernest every single day for the third one, who was born perfect just about a year ago.

Ever since then, my kids have prayed for all the babies that we know in utero without any prompting from me. They pray for them just about every night when they go to bed.

I love that they recognize that each unborn child is a special and unique person with a name and a life and a fate all their own that is worth being concerned for and cared for and brought to the Lord in prayer as they grow. And I love that as they themselves grow, they are developing compassion, faith, and a prayer life that is theirs.

And their very specific and ongoing project reminds me that we all have a ‘specialty’ when it comes to our concerns and our projects. It is a sweet truth that none of us can do everything (or pray for everyone) but we can all do something.

I just love them.


2 thoughts on “Little Ones

  1. The Pregnancy Care Centre has some openings on their board..are your girls interested? 😉 That really is neat that your girls have such focused prayers… you have taught them well!

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