Topless. I mean, TOPICless!


This is going to be one of those posts where I just ramble because I have made this blogging commitment (which I have mostly held, cough cough) but I can’t think of what I should write about.

All day long I think of interesting topics. Sit down to write and zippo. Nothing.

Oh good. Now one of my children is crying.



Now I’m thinking less ramble, more bullet point.

  • I love my job! Last summer I finally graduated from university and got a full time job as our church secretary / receptionist. At first I thought that secretary / receptionist was a really dumb title like hairdresser / stylist or janitor / custodian, and I really wanted to change it so I looked online to see which one I was, and low and behold they are two entirely different things. The position used to be called Church Administrator but they broke off the eight hour per week chunk of it that was the bookkeeping part and hired an actual bookkeeper. After that the position became secretary / receptionist. At the church I do indeed perform both of those jobs as well as other things like social media guru (if you know me you’re laughing right now), the person in charge of all the computer stuff (and now you’re doubled over) graphic designer, volunteer coordinator, cook, assistant bookkeeper, event planner, security guard, and professional shopper. And assistant to everybody. Except our associate pastor. He never asks me to do anything, even when I offer. But he does come into my office just to chat and be friendly and wants to know how I’m doing and asks me my opinion on things. I think he’s my favorite. 😉 But I still want to change my job title. It seems redundant even though it isn’t. 
  • So that turned out to be more of a ramble than a bullet point anyhow!
  • One of the best parts of blogging is the part where you flagrantly break the rules of grammar and good writing and constantly contradict yourself and you still get published. I use cliches ALL the time on this blog, and I know I’m doing it while I’m doing it and I do it anyway. Ha ha!
  • I’ve never won any blogging awards though.
  • You know what? Just thinking about happiness everyday and reading a book about happiness everyday has made me feel happier. I’ve never been this happy in January and there have been a lot of heavy things happening. Usually I’m thigh-deep in the SAD at this time of year. But I’m not.
  • My children are HUGE. When did this happen? (You didn’t hear this from me, but I am no longer the only person who wears, um, a BRA!) (Ahhhhhhhhhhh!)
  • I haven’t lost a pound since I started using the new elliptical machine we bought three weeks ago. But using it regularly through the holidays offset all the junk I ate and prevented me from gaining a single pound so yay! Now, to start chipping away at the extra 10 I gained between starting my desk job and the start of the holidays.
  • On a related note, I baked far fewer goodies than I usually do for Christmas this year, simply for lack of time. At first I felt pretty guilty about that because for my whole life, giving or receiving, cookies=love. But then I didn’t have to eat it all, and a few days after Christmas they were gone. And gone was good because gone was no longer tempting me. I might just make that my new Christmas tradition.


    Well, this is the end of the ramble-post. Time to tuck in the kids and settle down with a book. Hopefully I’ll have something a little more cohesive happening tomorrow.


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