On the Move…

We did it! We sold our house and we sold it quickly. After three weeks on the market and a whopping 26 showings we received a good offer, bartered for a full day and finally accepted at only 7,000 less than our asking price. All in all, it went perfectly.

That was a week ago. At the time that our house sold we had our eye on about three different places… all of which sold like dominoes in the 48 hours before ours did. So with only a month until we had to be out of our place we were back to looking. Unfortunately nothing in our price range in our desired neighborhoods were that appealing. Everything good had sold.

In an interesting series of coincidences…

Oh wait, I need to insert a quote I found yesterday that I like a lot:

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” – Albert Einstein

As I was saying, we were back to square one and we began to consider neighbourhoods that we hadn’t been previously considering. The day after we accepted our offer we were feeling a bit panicky as we had scoured MLS the night before with no real leads. We were driving around the city hoping to catch some open houses and just to see what was ‘out there.’ We found ourselves in a neighbourhood called Juniper. It is nice in Juniper, in fact, it is one of the places that our city has seen the most growth in the past few years. I actually lived up there for two years when I was a kid (what is WITH me and living places for two years anyway?). Juniper is located high up on a hill, and the neighbourhood at the bottom of the hill is Valleyview, which happens to be where I work, so that is handy.

So were were driving around up there and I suddenly had a lightbulb moment. Just three days earlier I had received an e-mail at the church office. A girlfriend of mine had requested that I contact our church family with the request of any handymen who would come give her a hand with a few projects because she was thinking about listing her house next spring. She had no solid plans, but she had a bit of a rough year and was feeling the need for a change and just had a feeling that she needed to sell. It loomed like a monumental task before her, and she wasn’t looking forward to the process but thought she’d better get the ball rolling by at least fixing the fence, etc. She was asking for a bit of help (which this girl is not usually inclined to do) (actually I was quite surprised when I got the initial e-mail), as well as prayer for direction about what to do next.

Well, I thought, I’ve been to her house a number of times and I know the main areas are really nice. Since we’re up here in Juniper anyway, why don’t we drop by and ask her if we can take a look? Now, I wouldn’t normally spring that one someone with no warning, but we have the kind of friendship where I knew it would fly with her. So we dropped by. And she was a little bit floored, but really happy to show us around.

And it was pretty much what we were looking for. We told her we were interested. We looked at a few other places and we took an official second look when she wasn’t home, just to be sure. Another house came into the picture that was a very close competitor. We weighed the two back and forth for a couple of days. Finally, we made her an offer. She accepted. We were all very relieved. And the rest is paperwork.

God is good! We move November 23. We’ll be in our new home just in time for Christmas, just like we were here two years ago.



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