So Big

I’ve had one of those days where it smacked me in the face how big my kids are.

It started at 6:30 am. I woke my oldest daughter up at 6 am to finish a homework assignment she ‘forgot’ about until I was tucking her in to bed last night. She was done fairly quickly and wanted breakfast. She asked for scrambled eggs. I told her she’d have to wait half an hour (I normally get up at 6 to have my “quiet time” and then wake them up at 7). She asked if she could make them herself. I paused. It seemed like a big deal. But then, she’d done all the things before – cracked eggs – cooked in a hot pan – made toast – just never all together. So I told her what to do from my perch on the couch, and she did it. She did it perfectly. And was so proud of herself. As was I.

After school they asked of we could stop at 7-11 for a treat. I asked if they had their own money. They did. So I pulled into the parking lot. They went into the store alone, picked out their treats alone, and paid with their own money. That was a first for us too.

They are getting so big. And independent!

This one just turned 8 in August.

She wanted her party at the climbing gym. We waited until September started so she could connect with all her friends at school.

She, like her father, is obsessed with fitness. Since she was just wee she has been doing push-ups and lunges and flexing her muscles for all to see. Just today after school we had the following exchange:

Me: You have dirt smeared all over your face.

Kid: Yeah. I did a ton of chin ups today. … But I don’t know why my face is dirty.

And then she flexed her biceps at me. Yep, just like her Dad.

She recently went through a phase where she wanted to be a politician. To be in charge and make the rules and have the power to change all the bad things in the world. Now she’s on a kick where she wants to be an engineer. Basically because she heard that engineers are rich and smart and highly respected.

She’s pretty confident, and sometimes we try to bring her down a little (just a little). My husband thought she could use a good dose of reality recently so he told her she’s just not that good at drawing. She insisted that she was. He said, no, actually, you’re not. You’re average. You can’t be good at everything. It’s fine. But you need to face facts. She told him that she was going to prove him wrong. And then she worked at it until she did. For real.


This one will be 10 just after halloween.

She is super creative (and is in that stage where the constant head-in-the-clouds is starting to get her into trouble. Oh how I can relate.)

She sometimes immerses herself in her childhood fantasy world, which I love and want her to hang onto for as long as possible. A few weeks ago she was trying to draw a new character (she loves comics) so she dressed up like the character and went outside to the trampoline just to see how the character would move. I LOVE that.

But sometimes it’s tricky to pull her back into the real world. I’ll talk to her and try and get her to focus and she looks at me but through me. And then I get frustrated and the face becomes a brick wall. I HATE that. It’s like looking into a mirror sometimes. The good, the bad, and the brick wall.

She reads constantly. Lately she is all about fashion. She likes to sleep in for as long as possible on weekends, which is a brand new development. She cleans. She cooks. She makes herself tea. She loves to take care of babies and toddlers and can’t wait to babysit. She is friends with everybody and will go out of her way to include kids that are new or left out. She is a volunteer at heart, working in the nursery at our church, even when it’s not our turn and arriving at school 25 minutes early twice per week to don her reflective vest and walk the kindergartners from their parent’s cars to their classroom. She likes to colour coordinate everything. She can’t wait for basketball season to start again.

These are my babies. Babies forever, no matter how much they grow up.


4 thoughts on “So Big

  1. Sniff! What a great post. I can relate to it all myself, having children the same ages as yours. It sure is hard to watch them get bigger … but then at the same time it is truly wonderful. Bittersweet, for sure.

  2. I feel you girl. Only on a whole other level. Yesterday evening my baby drove away by herself for the first time. If that wasn’t bad enough, tonight she’s driving herself to see a boy. How will I go on??

  3. I’ve been having moments lately like these, where I realize my babies are growing up fast. I get all weepy, which works out good because then they come and snuggle me. Why can’t they stay little for longer?

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