3…2…1… Sell!

We have stepped into a whirlwind.

Let me sum up the background of this story as quickly as I can.

I am 32 years old and am currently living in my 21st home. That’s a move approximately every 1.5 years. You could say I’m getting a wee bit tired of it. I’ve been longing for home.

When we bought our current house two years ago, the goal was to find a place we could settle into. A home our children could grow up in. (my oldest daughter is almost 10 and she has lived in 6 houses herself!) We bought this house, put in a basement suite as a mortgage helper, and carried on. There was a little kerfuffle when we first bought the place because I had some concerns, which we decided to overlook. I didn’t love the house when we first moved in, if I have to be honest. But it was the best choice for us in the moment, and in time the house grew on me and I have even really come to love it and consider it my home. I like it here! We made it ours!

Our first tenants were a young couple and they were great. But it is a pretty small one bedroom suite and they had a baby, so it was time for them to move on once their one year lease was up. Then a friend of ours moved in. He was a pleasure to have because he was a great guy, we didn’t have to worry about noise so much, and we had him up for dinner several nights per week. It was a good arrangement.

Mid summer, just a few months ago, our friend moved out of town to pursue his masters degree, and we decided we didn’t want strangers in here again after the experience of having our friend live here, which was such a treat. And we don’t need the mortgage helper anymore. So my husband suggested I convert the basement bedroom into an office (which I did) (and which I LOVE) (thank-you husband!). We moved our television and bookcases and computer stuff all down here to the basement giving us much more breathing space upstairs, not to mention a fun downstairs area my kids can bring their friends to to play in after school.

It’s been nice.

The suite is self contained – completely closed off from the rest of the house, so we were planning to re-arrange a few walls, and to remove the lovely kitchen (almost new – we put it in ourselves when we first moved in) and separate laundry (although I have to admit there were a few days where I used both washers at once and it sure made laundry day go by a lot faster!)

This was our plan. To slowly re-take the house as ours; one cohesive living space.

And then two weeks ago we needed to have the house assessed (for other reasons that would just make this story way too long, so never mind). We had a couple of realtors by to look. It turned out that 1. Our home is worth more than we thought, and 2. We would be devaluing it so much by taking the suite out that that would be just plain silly.

So after mulling our options for about two days we decided to sell. And move. Again.

But hopefully into a home where we can stay awhile!

We decided that if we were going to do this, we wanted to do it fast. So we quickly finished off a few projects we had been meaning to get to (finishing some landscaping, painting the front and garage doors, etc) and we listed, just one week ago. We priced appropriately. We’re in a niche market.

We’ve had at least a showing every day. We had three showings yesterday and the day before. We’ve gotten good feedback. Now we’re just waiting for that magical offer. Oh please, let someone offer.

It’s been a little stressful having to have the place perfect every single day (my poor children having to deal with their super uptight mother) but overall it hasn’t been too bad because we haven’t really had a chance to make any messes. Last night we took our dinner to my mother in-law’s and cooked it there because we had a showing at 6 and didn’t want to deal with dishes / cooking smells. I’m planning on baking some pies today so we’ll see how the no-messes situation goes. Today we don’t have a showing booked (so far), and it’s the perfect time to have a little break because my oldest is home sick from school. Hence the baking – I have no housework to catch up on while I’m stuck at home.

Mostly we feel pretty optimistic and excited. And we are certainly keeping our eyes open for a home that we really can make home. Until we decide to pack up and move to the coast of course. Or a different country.

Silly us.



3 thoughts on “3…2…1… Sell!

  1. Wow, that’s big news – although something you are obviously quite used to. I am 34 years old and living in my 2nd house. No, that’s not a typo. I have only lived in 2 houses. My parents’ house, until I was 21. Then I got married and moved into this house. So selling and moving would be a HUGE deal for me! I’m sure you guys will take it all in your stride, and hopefully the next house will be just perfect for your family, a place you can settle into and stay in (if that’s what you want). Good luck!

  2. I can’t imagine moving that many times. But then again I don’t do very well with change. I’ll be praying for the sale of your place and that you’re able to find the perfect place for your family to move to.

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