Hello Saturday

It’s Monday now, but let me tell you about Saturday.

On Saturday I did not wake up and lay in bed thinking about getting up and going to work.

I’m not quite done with cleaning yet. This coming weekend, I will be showing up for one last Saturday of scrubbing and hauling and vacuuming and mopping, but I will be doing it along side somebody else, showing them the ropes, so they can do it the weekend after that. And the one after that. Forevermore. Mwah ah ah ah. Sucker.

But anyways, this last Saturday I did not go to work. I repeat. Did not go to work. It was bliss. I went in for a few hours on Wednesday and for the whole day Friday while the kids were in school and I got it all done ahead of time. My husband was going to be away for the weekend (at Tough Mudder) (which he killed). So I wanted to be free of the hassle of figuring out what to do with the monkeys while I worked. Now that I have no classes during the week, and now that the church’s weekly events have all halted for the summer, it was possible to do this.

There was no sleeping in on Saturday though. We had out be out of here by 8:15. The littlest one and I shared a lovely breakfast and she told me that she would like to be in the government when she grows up. (She is 7.) We picked up the oldest who had been at a sleep over birthday party and I took both kids to a free kids golf event. They loved it, which was great because my husband and I both like golf. Now they like it too. Woo-hoo! Family fun nights, coming up.

While they were doing that, I dropped in and had a quick visit with my mother. Even though we live in the same town, we somehow only manage to see each other once a month. Sometimes less. It was a nice visit. From there I went to the farmer’s market which is probably one of the top things I’ve been missing when I work Saturdays. I bought two beautiful heads of lettuce, rainbow chard and radishes. And two pepper plants I put in pots in the backyard. Here’s hoping the deer don’t eat them. (Not holding my breath on that one.)

The kids were still not quite finished, so I went for a short walk in one of our town’s newest and most beautiful neighborhoods, surrounding the golf course. I found the kids reveling in free ice-cream and timbits, and we swung by my friend’s house and she gave me a pot of mint. After lunch we ventured out again to visit my grandmother, who just had a pacemaker put in the other day. Can you believe it is day-surgery? Amazing.







We popped in and visted my Dad and made it home just in time to welcome my two nieces. We baby-sat them while my brother in law took his wife out for anniversary dinner.







It was not a relaxing day. Well, not until the kids went to bed and I was alone without my hubby so I sat in the quiet and finished Catching Fire. But everything was awesome. Sheer delight, all day. It was everything I dreamed a Saturday could be.



3 thoughts on “Hello Saturday

  1. Sounds like a great day! I loved the pic of your grandmother teaching your oldest how to..knit/crochet? ๐Ÿ™‚ You are blessed to have so much family close by. Golfing as a family sounds sweet! So glad you had a wonderful Saturday..hopefully the beginning of lots like that!

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