I literally just put this book down. I finished it. Stared in silence at the cover for a few minutes. Silence. Because no other reaction was possible. I set it down beside me on the sofa and picked up my laptop.

It is not an uplifting book. But it is an important book. An astounding work of art. I can’t believe Yann Martel did it again.

I recommend this book. But I can think of people I know who wouldn’t like it, and who probably shouldn’t read it anyway.

If you liked Life of Pi, you will find the worth in this book.

If your mind has ever been consumed with questions of the Holocaust, the unfathomable human evil, you should read this book.

And, story aside, I can’t get over the incredible literary and philosophical dexterity of it.

And weight.

Silence. So many things in my brain. I have to read it again. Now.



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