Hello Saturday

It’s Monday now, but let me tell you about Saturday.

On Saturday I did not wake up and lay in bed thinking about getting up and going to work.

I’m not quite done with cleaning yet. This coming weekend, I will be showing up for one last Saturday of scrubbing and hauling and vacuuming and mopping, but I will be doing it along side somebody else, showing them the ropes, so they can do it the weekend after that. And the one after that. Forevermore. Mwah ah ah ah. Sucker.

But anyways, this last Saturday I did not go to work. I repeat. Did not go to work. It was bliss. I went in for a few hours on Wednesday and for the whole day Friday while the kids were in school and I got it all done ahead of time. My husband was going to be away for the weekend (at Tough Mudder) (which he killed). So I wanted to be free of the hassle of figuring out what to do with the monkeys while I worked. Now that I have no classes during the week, and now that the church’s weekly events have all halted for the summer, it was possible to do this.

There was no sleeping in on Saturday though. We had out be out of here by 8:15. The littlest one and I shared a lovely breakfast and she told me that she would like to be in the government when she grows up. (She is 7.) We picked up the oldest who had been at a sleep over birthday party and I took both kids to a free kids golf event. They loved it, which was great because my husband and I both like golf. Now they like it too. Woo-hoo! Family fun nights, coming up.

While they were doing that, I dropped in and had a quick visit with my mother. Even though we live in the same town, we somehow only manage to see each other once a month. Sometimes less. It was a nice visit. From there I went to the farmer’s market which is probably one of the top things I’ve been missing when I work Saturdays. I bought two beautiful heads of lettuce, rainbow chard and radishes. And two pepper plants I put in pots in the backyard. Here’s hoping the deer don’t eat them. (Not holding my breath on that one.)

The kids were still not quite finished, so I went for a short walk in one of our town’s newest and most beautiful neighborhoods, surrounding the golf course. I found the kids reveling in free ice-cream and timbits, and we swung by my friend’s house and she gave me a pot of mint. After lunch we ventured out again to visit my grandmother, who just had a pacemaker put in the other day. Can you believe it is day-surgery? Amazing.







We popped in and visted my Dad and made it home just in time to welcome my two nieces. We baby-sat them while my brother in law took his wife out for anniversary dinner.







It was not a relaxing day. Well, not until the kids went to bed and I was alone without my hubby so I sat in the quiet and finished Catching Fire. But everything was awesome. Sheer delight, all day. It was everything I dreamed a Saturday could be.



Things. They are a-changing.

I’m home from my holidays. They were amazing.

We got in last night just before 1am. We slept in. My husband went off to a golf tournament this morning and the kids and I have been home bodies, doing laundry, cleaning, sitting around reading magazines, doing homework and grocery shopping. It’s kind of nice. Days like this have been few.

Ever since I had kids, oh a DECADE or so ago, life has been an ever-changing whirlwind. I went back to university when my youngest was just a year old. I worked evenings and weekends to make our budgetary-ends meet. I juggled those two schedules around my kids so I could essentially do all the things a full-time mom does too (although admittedly, probably not as effectively as full time moms do).

This month, all of that is changing. I will have my final final exam on Tuesday night. Next week will be one weird week of not-much-to-do, a stay-cation of sorts. We will adjust to my husband’s new work schedule – 10 hour shifts plus an hour-long commute, but with three day weekends. The week after that I begin my new job – and I also will have three day weekends. And the week after that my kids will be out of school for the summer. And the summer-time day-camp juggle begins.

We will have a lot of adjusting to do. I keep wondering things like – will my kids have a good summer even though they won’t be able to lounge around home and do nothing? I’ve been able to spend summers with them up until now, going out to work when my husband was home. And how on earth am I going to get in regular workouts? If anything, I’d like to step-up the frequency and intensity. I’m afraid of letting exercise slide. I’m used to going to the gym in the mornings after I take my kids to school, and honestly I struggle to get there even with the flexibility I have had. I often feel so drained in the evenings – somewhere along the way I have become a morning person – I worry I won’t be able to do it late in the day. Then I think, I’ll get up early and go, but oh yeah, my hubby will be leaving for work in the wee hours. When am I going to cook? Will I be too lazy to cook healthy, delicious home made fare when I get home each afternoon? Who is going to clean – and when? All of us together on the weekends or do I hire someone to come in? When am I going to write? Will that fall by the wayside entirely? Extra-curricular activities? Volunteering? I worry a bit about the overall schedule-adjustment.

And then I remember, three day weekends.

So. Awesome.

It has been a long time since I’ve even had even one day weekends.

So I know it will be good. I just like to have a solid plan in mind, you know. I wonder what my new life will look like. I just want to do a good job. Of everything.



Noooo mooore penciils.
Noooo mooore boooks.
Noooo mooore teeacher’s dirrrty loooks.

Okay. I like pencils, books and teachers. They’re all fine things. But you know, it sure felt good to walk out of that university building tonight into the bright gloaming and cool evening air knowing that the last class of my undergraduate degree is behind me.

I’m free!

Well, I will be after my final exam. But still. Worth celebrating, no?
















I literally just put this book down. I finished it. Stared in silence at the cover for a few minutes. Silence. Because no other reaction was possible. I set it down beside me on the sofa and picked up my laptop.

It is not an uplifting book. But it is an important book. An astounding work of art. I can’t believe Yann Martel did it again.

I recommend this book. But I can think of people I know who wouldn’t like it, and who probably shouldn’t read it anyway.

If you liked Life of Pi, you will find the worth in this book.

If your mind has ever been consumed with questions of the Holocaust, the unfathomable human evil, you should read this book.

And, story aside, I can’t get over the incredible literary and philosophical dexterity of it.

And weight.

Silence. So many things in my brain. I have to read it again. Now.


Just Do It

Sometimes I fall away from good habits.

Usually missing a day or two is no big deal, but sometimes a whole week will pass, and a week can easily become two, which quickly becomes a month. And the more time I spend away from any habit, the more the pressure begins to build to get back into it, and yet, the harder it seems to do so. The excuses build. I wonder if it’s over.

At which point I realize I need to just do it. Like Nike says.

So here I am, just blogging.

Not sure what I’m going to say. No fancy pictures. Random bits, perhaps.

1. I got the job I wanted! I am the church secretary now. Or will be as of July 1st. This past Saturday I woke up and was lying in bed thinking about getting up and going to do my janitorial work, just as I do every Saturday morning, when I suddenly realized that these routine Saturday morning thoughts are coming to a close very soon. I will have weekends again! I’m very excited about the job itself as well. I think I will love it, and my mind is buzzing with ideas.

2. I have re-started week three of C25K THREE TIMES. I’m not pleased with myself about that, but I keep reminding myself that AT LEAST I HAVEN’T QUIT. Right? Right?

3. I have returned to the gym. I’ve gone three times in the last week, after not going at all for the last, oh, six to eight weeks. I was so happy it was spring and with the running and other activities, I thought, hey, I’ll just get my exercise outside. Which didn’t really happen. And truthfully, I find the gym a little intimidating – not the gym itself, but the people inside it, and as I’ve gotten to know a few of the people there a little bit, and other people I know from life have been randomly showing up there, I just have been dreading going. I like to exercise, I just don’t like to exercise when people can see me, especially people I know. Is that weird? I wish I could exercise invisible. But last week I’d had enough and I pulled out my little ‘just do it’ mantra. And I went. And I went again and again. And I feel better.

4. I’ve been reading a lot of great books. Those deserve their own post.

5. We’re going on our First Family Vacation! We’ve never gone away somewhere nice as a foursome (other than camping or visiting my mom’s cabin). We’re leaving next Sunday afternoon for a week on the Oregon coast where we have rented a house. I can’t wait.

6. Ballet recital weekend is coming up too. The girls have their regular class Friday, their dress rehearsal Saturday morning, their first performance Saturday night, and their second performance Sunday afternoon. We’re leaving for our vacation immediately following the Sunday performance. I’m assuming they will pretty much sleep the whole way.

7. My Astronomy class is also coming to a close. It is interesting enough, but honestly, I’m having trouble enjoying it. It is Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 9:30 and those three hours drag. I just want to be finished. My heart’s not in it.

8. I got two free rhododendrons from a neighbour. They were really neglected and the person was just going to rip them out and toss them, so I transplanted them to my yard and have been coaxing them back to life. One is doing well, and is in fact, just starting to bloom. I don’t know if the little one will make it. Rhododendron is one of my favorite words.

9. I feel really shallow lately. No deep thoughts. No deep feelings – for good or for bad. I’m just floating through my life right now. I feel like I’m waiting for something, but I do not know what.

10. I have a feeling June is going to fly by. So much is changing for us this month. I will officially finish my degree. The kids will be out of school for the summer. We’re going on our first vacation. My husband and I are both changing jobs, which actually will create the most change of all. Our income is going to increase drastically, which will be weird. For so many years we’ve been struggling as student / parent / workers. This last year was the first that wasn’t actually that much of a struggle in terms of just getting by, but we weren’t exactly rolling in it either. I’m interested to see how much the removal of that particular stress impacts our lives. Another big change is that I will be a weekday worker for the first time since I’ve had kids. This will be an adjustment for us, especially during the summer holidays. I’ve never not been with the kids for their summer. That is not ideal, but it is okay. We’re working out the details of what the kids’ summer is going to look like. They will spend some time with family members and some time in day camps. How we’re going to handle after school care in the fall is still a big question mark. The bonus is that we will have evenings and weekends all together for the first time since 2005. And the REAL bonus is that my husband and I will both have Fridays off. Three day weekends – woot! He will be working four ten hour shifts (with an hour commute on each end – long days) and mine is Mon-Thurs 8:30 to 4:40. I see a lot of Friday-morning golf in our future. I’m looking forward to spending time with him. That is also something we have lacked. Big changes ahead. Good ones.