A Break! An Update.


It is two days past my last exam and this is the first moment I could steal away to post about it all.

First, and update on this kid:

On Monday she saw the neurosurgeon. On Tuesday she saw her spine specialist. On Wednesday she saw the orthodontist. Phew! But guess what – all good news!

We can avoid surgery for now, and the curve in her spine has decreased by 6 degrees! The power of prayer never ceases to amaze. There was no change for a year, and then after the MRI two months ago we really began to press in. We prayed everyday. I put it out to you guys, and we put it out to our church prayer chain. And then, this. Just, Wow. Praise God.

I discovered last Friday that I was not going to be able to travel to Vancouver with my family to make her appointments because my last exam was Tuesday evening, and there was no way we would make it home in time. It was so hard to wave goodbye to them early Monday morning. But I did. And then I hit the books hard.

Monday afternoon, I looked at my final marks online. And this is what I saw:

What a confidence booster! I am still waiting on two more marks, but this just made me jump for joy. An A plus is a rare beast. I can’t believe I got two in one semester.

And then, I went down to the university to pick up a few papers that had been marked. In the hall I ran into the chair of the English department. She came running over to let me know I had won a book award for being the top student in upper-level English courses last semester, but they didn’t have the right contact information for me so I never received it. She’s tracking it down for me now.

It was sort of surreal. I dragged my fat head home and tried to study.

On Tuesday night I had my final exam in my Children’s Literature course. The exam was worth 35% of my grade and there was also a final paper due (all about the treasure plot motif) at the exam worth 30%. So even though I was feeling like the course was pretty easy and I was feeling confident because of the other ego-boosters, there was a lot of pressure to perform on Tuesday. But I printed my paper at the last minute, flew down to the school and handed it in and started writing the exam, which was more difficult than I anticipated. It was one of those instances where you studied everything that wasn’t on the test. There were such obscure questions. It was weird.

After two and a half hours of mad writing, I felt I did the best I could have, but uncertain of how I really did. On my way out, my prof, who is someone I’ve never had before, will not have again, and do not really know at all, pulled me aside. He had marked the essay I handed in while the exam was in progress. He said, “we have awards for the best third and fourth year papers. I’d like to nominate this one. Could you please e-mail me a clean copy?”

So my ego was re-inflated and I went home. Done. The semester is over.

But somehow, life hasn’t slowed down yet. 🙂

And look at those eyes. All of them.




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