Dreams Come True

I love having those dreams that you are going about the mundaneness of whatever is happening in your dream life and you suddenly discover that you can do something you previously had assumed was impossible. Like flying. Or running at super-speed. One of my favorites when I was a kid is that I would be playing with the other children in the field at school, and suddenly found that I could jump several stories into the air.

I grew up on a lake, and love visiting the ocean, and swimming is one of my favorite activities (though I don’t go to the pool that often. Natural, open water or bust.) One recurring dream that I’ve had all my life is that I am swimming around and suddenly realize that if I’m am careful and steady and calm, I can somehow breathe underwater. Such a joyous and free feeling.

Well, on Wednesday night, I had my first SCUBA lesson with my good friend Liz. We had two hours of classroom time, learning how to put our equipment together and do all the safety checks (and about things that can go wrong – eek) and then we headed to the local pool for snorkeling practice. Finally, we donned our masks and vests and tanks and down we sank, to the bottom of the pool, to swim around and explore the bottom. The equipment was cumbersome, but through the course of the evening we got used it. Breathing underwater took some getting used to, but there were a few moments where everything worked somoothly and in those moments, it felt just like my old dreams. And that was exciting.

This is not me:

But soon, it will be.

We have another month of weekly classes, and then we get to take a trip to the coast for our open water test. I am so pumped! I never considered SCUBA until Liz decided to get certified and she invited me along. I’m so glad she asked me. I can hardly wait for our next class, not to mention a lifetime of trips undersea and under-lake. Maybe I’ll learn how to do some underwater photography. Now that would be fun. Thanks Liz!


2 thoughts on “Dreams Come True

  1. I don’t dare tell Gary and Paige of your new hobby. They have both been talking about taking scuba lessons for well over a year but unfortunately the finances just haven’t permitted it. I have no doubt though that their dream will come true eventually. Hey! Maybe you’ll swim into them sometime under the water somewhere. 🙂

  2. That’s one dream I don’t have. I think I’d feel too claustrophobic. The closest I came was snorkeling among some huge schools of (relatively large) fish in Mexico. Loved seeing it all, but I needed to know I could pop my head up at anytime. I know, I’m a wimp. 😉 However, I know that anyone who has ever done it just loves it. Glad your dream has come true!

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