I’m Standing on the Edge of Me

I needed a change of scenery this morning so I went for a drive. Our landscape has a particular kind of beauty, I think.

And now I’ve got my tea and I’m going to finish up this Plato paper (I finished the Metaphysics one yesterday and in the end I felt it was pretty strong, even though I didn’t even have a thesis two days ago.) (So. Yay.)

On my drive I had the music on my iPhone (it holds ALL the songs) on shuffle in the car and one of my favorite songs of all time came on near the end of the ride. I don’t think I’ve even heard it in a few years. It mellowed me out. I hope you enjoy it. An oldie but a goodie:



5 thoughts on “I’m Standing on the Edge of Me

  1. Beautiful photo! I was just talking to an Island girl who couldn’t wait to move back there because she could not find beauty in Kamloops. Granted, it’s not lush and beautiful like the Island. You captured the beauty, though.

    Very nice, mellow song! What a great idea to go for a ride and crank up the music!

  2. Gorgeous photo! I love the scenery in these here parts. But then again, I can pretty much find the beauty in anything my eyes happen upon.

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