Confession Time

In just over two hours I am going to break my lent fast. On purpose. Pre-planned.

For lent, I gave up stories. Stories include movies.










I’ve got the fever.


7 thoughts on “Confession Time

  1. Haven’t read the books or seen the movie. Didn’t read/watch the Twilight series either. But it certainly does seem like the whole world is caught up in The Hunger Games hype right now!

    Love your new blogger name šŸ™‚

  2. And? What did you think? I loathed the movie and couldn’t stop ranting about it for days afterwards. (Much to my family’s annoyance.)

    • I haven’t read the book, but I did know the premise going in. I was still stunned at the level of violence, particularly at that first scene of the ‘game.’ I wasn’t expecting that they were going to actually show children killing children. I thought it was pretty horrific (although I did get used to it fairly quickly *shudder*) and have been further horrified as others have told me that they didn’t think it was violent enough. You know it’s a movie for youth, right people?

  3. Surprisingly, I really liked the movie. It wasn’t like a gratuitously violent movie. It was futuristic and it leaves one THIS what our world is coming to–such callousness towards life? Scary! There has always been violence in games (chariot races, for instance). I liked the main characters, for the most part. And the supporting actors were great, too.

    • I should clarify. I actually thought the plot was interesting and I’m hoping to read the books. I was just shocked by the violence. The friend I was with teaches grade five and she says all of her students have seen it. That’s crazy to me.

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