Looking Forward

For Christmas I got a camera. A Canon Rebel T3

I was so happy.

I am so happy!

I’ve always loved to take pictures. I dropped and broke my film camera on our wedding day, and we’ve gone through a series of cheap point and shoot digital cameras since then. My picture-taking has really dropped off in the last few years out of frustration and disappointment. My camera only took nice pictures outside on a sunny day.

When I finally got my iPhone a few weeks before Christmas I was so excited and started taking lots of photos. The camera on my phone was leaps and bounds better than out old one. You can imagine my delight on Christmas morning, then.

So I was so, so happy. So happy with my gift.

But I also knew that it was going to be a while, four months in fact, one semester of insanity in fact, until I really would get a chance to play with it and learn how to use the functions.

As I count down the last six weeks of the semester, this is what I am looking forward to the most (in terms of how I will spend spare time that is).

In the meantime, I’ve been whipping it out regularly to get snapshots of my kids’ antics. Their pretty faces. (I still use my iPhone most of all, just for the handiness.)

It’s all been point and shoot. I haven’t toyed with the settings.

This is my favorite picture so far:

Look at those fangs! So fierce! Neutron, oh my. (Okay, he is actually yawning.)

I took it the day I went out to snap a few pictures of the hoar frost we had.

One of my favorite things about that day is that everywhere I went, people were out with their cameras, iPhones mostly, taking up-close pictures of the frost on all kinds of things. Oh humans. We are so easily amused and filled with wonder.

Except Newt, who was thoroughly unimpressed by it all.

He’s just waiting for spring. For the birds to come out to play, and the hills to be replenished with baby mice.


3 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. Yay – how exciting! You’ll LOVE the camera. I love mine so, so much. Don’t know how I coped without it (although I do think my photos were pretty good with my old P&S … it was a P&S, but I think it was actually a pretty good one). Looking forward to seeing more of your photos when you have time to play 🙂

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