Where the Grass is (Always) Greener

Growing up, I couldn’t wait to move away. And that we did, right after we got married, at the age of 20. It was a great experience, to go off and do our own thing away from our families – until I got pregnant less than two years later. We didn’t want to raise our kids so far away from all our family so we moved back here to our childhood home, and it’s been great. We said “we really like it here.” We said “this is such a great place to raise kids.”

Our kids are now nine and seven. The last couple of years, we have found ourselves fantasizing about moving off again. We chatted a lot about moving to somewhere on Vancouver Island. We were talking about the island in particular because 1. It’s coastal and I’ve always dreamed of going coastal. 2. we both love the island. 3. my husband saw lots of possible management positions at various towns on the island through connections in his current company. 4. still close enough to visit with ease (by car).

So there’s been chit chat. Nothing very serious.

Last fall I decided (and then changed my mind) that this spring, after graduation, I would apply to a Master’s program at UBC right at the downtown Vancouver campus. This was not something I could do by distance, and based on their requirements and my grades, it looked like a pretty sure thing. We started looking at subsidized housing for families on campus and started planning to sell our home here and started fantasizing about urban family life in Vancouver, another place we love to visit. But then I changed my mind. It’s just too expensive. And I need a break from school.

But the moving idea stuck. My husband went to Oregon for a week with his friends last summer to surf. He loved it. I remember driving through it once, and remember that I liked it very much for the few hours I was there. So that’s what we’ve been talking about for the last few months. Looking at job opportunities in various cities, large and small, down in the state of Oregon. Looking at real estate and costs of living and immigration stuff.

We made a (fairly) solid decision to make some necessary improvements on our home (roof, yard) and put it on the market asap this summer. We’ll rent for a while if need be. It’ll make it easier to just pack up and go when the time is right.

In the whole ‘Oregon’ discussion, one of the ideas we’ve really fixated on is getting the heck out of winter. Not that they don’t have winter in Oregon. It’s not that far south. But I’ve had enough, three decades enough, of being buried in snow for 1/3 of each and every year. I’m not ‘snow people.’ I’m tired of the dread that settles in when the weather first turns cold, knowing it is going to be a long time before the happiness of sunshine and green grass and vegetation arrives again. I’m sick of the focus and dedication required just to survive mentally and emotionally in the dreary January and February (and often, March) months.

We’re good for a while. My husband wants to finish up some courses, and I’m happy to hang out here for a few more years even. We love all the PEOPLE (if nothing else – and really, there’s nothing else keeping us here). This won’t be a rush job.

So then a few days ago my husband came home from work, looked me in the eyes and said, “why Oregon?”

What? I don’t know? ‘Cause it’s not here?

“Why not somewhere tropical?”

What now?

So there’s that. Our imaginations have been exploding the last few days. There’s been a lot of internet searching. My favorite part? That we’re completely on the same wavelength about this. It just feels so right.

Nothing will happen for a while. And who knows where we’ll end up. Vancouver and Oregon are just as possible as anything else. But we’ve made up our minds about moving. It’s just a matter of when and where. Adventure!


6 thoughts on “Where the Grass is (Always) Greener

  1. How exciting to dream of moving somewhere different! The other day we were talking about what would happen if both of our girls ended up living on the other side of the world (something that’s a real possibility). With Gary soon-to-be a certified electrician, we could live anywhere. Oh, the possibilities!

    (I think that you should move somewhere tropical so that I have somewhere to stay when I need a vacation. ;))

  2. Exciting! I’ll be watching with interest to see what you decide about whether or not to move. I’m the complete opposite of a nomad. I’ve only lived in 2 houses my entire life. I lived in the first one until I was 21, then I got married and moved into this house (we rented it for a year and then bought it). Moving scares me!!!!

  3. Well, my vote is Oregon. When we go down to the Oregon Coast, all I can think is it’s so beautiful and “I could live here!”. If only..
    I married someone who grew up in ONE house his entire life.. I moved multiple times, like maybe 13?! I have always had ‘restless life syndrome’, and that’s probably why. Now we’ve been in this city, this house for 20 years!! I still want to move. 😉 Except I’d miss all the girlfriends I have here. I really would.

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