Nine to Five

It’s nice to change things up.

Usually I’m running around all over the place. I’m a full time mother, a full time student and a part time janitor. For the last six and a half years one of the huge blessings of my chosen work-school balance has allowed me, for the most part, to be available to my kids all the time, and work my schedule around that. In the back of my mind, I’ve known that when graduation comes (SIX MORE WEEKS), and a regular full time job after that, I will have to adjust my schedule and habits accordingly. There will be advantages and disadvantages. It’s just of those life things.

Today, because of the current teacher’s strike (go teachers!), my kids spent the day at home. Luckily, my husband had to do some course work for his job so he was going to be home doing that today anyway, so the kids stayed with him. (I’ve moved things around so I can cover Tuesday and my sister is taking them Wednesday while I’m in class and then I’m taking them to work with me after that.)

And you know what?

It was just so nice to drive away from it all at 8:30 am and come back home again at 5. I know I will probably feel differently when it is an every day experience instead of an occasional experience, but it was just so freeing. I got so much done. And all without the feeling of rush, rush, rush.


I’m going to just bask in it for the rest of the evening.


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