What’s Up on My Saturday Night

There are six weeks of class left.


I should really be doing homework tonight. It is 10pm. All day while I was busy doing other things (work) all I could think about was how much homework I have to get done in this weekend. How I needed to hunker down and spend the night reading and writing.

Instead of that, after dinner I baked these:

Have you ever had the oatmeal fudge bars at Starbucks? They’re like that. They’re baaaaaaaaaad.

And then I remembered the iTunes gift card hiding in my jewelry box and I logged in and bought some new music. (The new Sam Roberts Band and the new David Crowder Band.)

And then I bought an app that takes pictures and words and smooshes them together:

And, well, there went my evening.

I think I’m going to go take a bath. At least if I take my book with me I can call it homework and redeem myself.


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