Good Read: The Princess and the Goblin

Have you read this classic book, The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald?

I’m taking a children’s literature course, and many of the books were already familiar to me: the Hobbit, the Narnia books, a Wrinkle in Time, Alice in Wonderland and so many others (lets just say the prof made up for the ease of reading by piling on lots of it). This one I had never heard of, but you might have, since it is considered a classic.

It was a delight. It isn’t a very big book. I would recommend it for any child, or for any adult who is interested in children’s fantasy literature, or for anyone who needs a little injection of light and joy into their heart. When I was done, I thought it had a similar kind of feel to it as the stories as Tolkein and Lewis. Sure enough, when I read some of the information in the appendixes, it turns out that MacDonald pioneered this kind of story and Tolkein and Lewis were among the many who learned from him and fashioned their own work after his. Apparently there are two more stories, and I will certainly purchase them and pass them all on to my kids.

And can I add, if you have a little girl who is interested in princesses, Irene, the  8 year old princess in this story is a wonderful model of what it means to be a true princess.


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