This is Me

I realized today that I really like it when other people post pictures of themselves on their blogs. Seeing the face of the person you’re ‘listening to’ or ‘talking with’ is one of the best parts of communicating I think.

But I don’t do it very often. No particular reason. But I will try to change that. This is me right now:

Cozy in my vagina pocket hoodie sitting at my laptop at the dining table procrastinating from paper writing, makeup smudgy from a long day, nails dark ’cause I painted them this morning, hair… doing its usual thing… wait, did I say “vagina pocket hoodie?”

Yes I did. I only wear this hoodie in the house. The first time I washed it after I bought it, this happened to the pockets:

You see what I mean? Anyway, I can’t wear it out like this. So I wear it in. Or, I wear it out for walks if I have a jacket overtop and only the cute neck is showing:

I sat down an hour ago to get going on this paper and all I have done is read blogs and watched stupid videos on the internet. It’s weird, I have done so well about not procrastinating from schoolwork in the last year or so. I thought I had finally learned a life skill or something. But no. Here I sit.

The topic I chose for my (Metaphysics) paper is this:

“For Fondane, freedom is the contrary of necessity, and hence the contrary of reason and logic. Discuss.”

So I have all my Aristotle notes (that would be the necessity part) and all my Fondane notes (that would be the freedom part – the possible!) and a rough outline and a title and I have typed and deleted about six first sentences and that is it. Then I surfed the net.

It’s due on Friday.

I’ve got all of Thursday.

Except I also have to work tomorrow. I don’t usually work on Thursdays but there is a special event at the church on Friday (date night challenge) (we’re totally going) (it was Matt’s idea) (Yay!) so I need to go make it all clean and pretty.

Which means less paper writing time. Which means I should be doing it NOW. I’m going to hate myself tomorrow when I’m panicking.

Okay. Enough procrasti-blogging. I think I will go eat the last Valentine’s cupcake.


6 thoughts on “This is Me

  1. I say YOU are hilarious!! I thought it was a typo, so I did a double take, but when you showed the photo, I got it. You ARE hilarious! Love your photos.. and yes, it’s true, I do love to see what my bloggy friends look like. I just don’t like posting my pics on my blog, though. But I’ll think about it, because you do have a point.

    All the best on your paper (what a topic!!) and see you Friday!

  2. I have to admit, I did do a double take when I read that line!! I was like, eh? But continued to read and saw the photo … yes, I can see why you gave it that name. And why you only wear it around the house. LOL! You’re funny 🙂

  3. Funny, I see your next post in my google reader, but not at your actual blog.. weird. Pinterest is doing weird things with my boards, too. Oh, internet, internet! 😦

  4. Bahaha!! “Vagina pocket hoodie” is going to be stuck in my head now. Also, I love that you posted a pic of yourself. (I didn’t realize that your hair had grown so long. You usually have it up when I see you. It’s pretty.) Perhaps I should start posting more pics of myself on my blog.

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