I have twenty minutes until I have to go get the kids from school. Let’s see if I have twenty things to say.

1. Happy Love Day!

2. I have class tonight so my man and I don’t have any romantic plans, but we have a gift certificate for indoor golf that we got for Christmas and have been saving, so we might do that tomorrow night.Β 

3. My biggest kid presented me with a beautiful blue beaded necklace she made for me for Valentine’s Day. It’s lovely! See:


4. My youngest kid made me a nice card.

5. My youngest kid also got ungrounded this morning. She was previously grounded *forever* with the stipulation that of we had a full week of getting out the door on time without me having to nag to the point of yelling for her to get her butt in gear, then she would be ungrounded. It took almost a month. There was only gentle nagging involved.

6. The oldest kid is still grounded. Well, not grounded so much as ‘focusing on schoolwork in the afternoons until her parents are satisfied with her performance.’

7. Yeah, we’ve been dropping the hammer lately.

8. But everybody’s happy! Promise.

9. It is such a nice sunny day. It feels like spring to me. Not so much outside – it is still rather chilly – but in my heart. My emotional state tells me that another winter has passed on by.

10. My husband and I are considering a huge financial decision that would be a bit of a lifestyle experiment. It’s kind of scary, but more exciting than scary. But we’re unsure. But we’re excited. But we have to make the decision fairly quickly. Oh what to do!?!

11. Next week is my Reading Break!

12. It’s about time! I will be using the break to play catch up on some reading and maybe get ahead a little bit, since I’m not actually that far behind. I will also be writing papers. I had four papers due this week but two of my profs offered me extensions when they heard about my week last week. I’m very thankful for that relief. I’ll do a better job.

13. Last Wednesday morning I got the call to go to the hospital to say goodbye to my grandpa. It was sad. But also good. He suffered for a long time, and now it is over. Also, we all got to be with him when he passed. That was nice.

14. Wednesday night my youngest girl started throwing up. It was the worst flu I’ve ever seen. I ended up having to take her to the hospital on Friday because she was so dehydrated. Poor monkey. She is all good now!

15. Needless to say, I didn’t get much work done last week.

16. I’m dreaming of job hunting. Not sure if they are sweet dreams or panicky feverish dreams.

17. I’m dreaming of dragonboat season starting again.

18. I dropped out of scuba though. I ditched my friend who was going to take me. I feel like a loser about that. I just can’t right now. No time. 😦 One day!

19. I really, really, really, like lip gloss.

20. Ummmm. Twentieth thing, twentieth thing…. hmmmmmm. The more Plato I read, the less cohesive his philosophy seems. Especially regarding the nature of the soul. I think I’ve found my term paper topic.

That is all. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


3 thoughts on “Twenty

  1. “Dropping the hammer.” A necessary evil when one is a parent. We haven’t had to drop the hammer in quite some time but I sense that there will be much hammer dropping when Cam moves home in four weeks. Ugh.

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