I’m a little afraid to say it aloud, in case it all shatters tomorrow, but things… are still good.

Sorry to be going on and on about school. It is just where my head is at right now.

The strange thing is that now that all the midterm paper topics have been assigned, I actually have more to do. Maybe it is that I have just finally hit my stride with this semester. Maybe it is that I have completed a handful of assignments (ahead of schedule) and feel really good about my grasp on my subjects. Maybe it is just having specific projects to work towards, instead of a gaping future of I-don’t-know-what-but-I-know-it-will-be-crazy. Maybe… lots of things, but I feel good. And that’s good!

Want to hear a crazy story from the past? I had kind of forgotten about it, but it came up today out of the blue in a class. I never posted about it while it was happening (I don’t think) because I didn’t want to embarrass my extended family, who are more private that I am, but now that a few years have passed, and the edge has worn off a little, and well, this blog is kind of anonymous – I think I’m safe to tell a bit of the story.

In my Ethics class, we were discussing John Stuart Mill’s utilitarian concept of Ethics, and the topic of motive. Sometimes people do good things for varying motives. For Mill, motives don’t matter. it is the right action that counts. One example was that a person could save a child from drowning. Their motive could be that they think it is ‘the right thing to do’ or their motive could be hope of a financial reward. Mill would say that it doesn’t matter because the child is saved. Another example would be that some businesses might give large sums of money to a charity for the sake of putting a plaque on the wall.

Visions of some very familiar plaques came to mind as she was speaking. There is a plaque on the wall of the hospital that I see every time I go visit a loved ones who are sick (which seems to be a lot lately). The plaque has my husband’s grandfathers name on it. That man gave all kinds of money all over town before he died. Nice old chap.

He also gave 1.5 million dollars to the university – the very university I was sitting in today (not to mention was attending at the time of the donation) – while ALL of his grandchildren are up to their ears in student debt. Yes he did. Gave it away purposefully (he was very explicit about that behind closed doors) so that none of his children or grandchildren could have it.


Oh well.

He used to give dirty looks to my husband at family dinners because I work. Women don’t work! It’s just wrong!

It’s like he was punishing us for not having money.


He made a good utilitarian decision, according to Mill’s Greatest Happiness Principle.

So that was my crazy story out of nowhere. What else can I tell you about today? It’s frosty out there. Yeah, nothing else too exciting about today. My workout lasted the same amount of time (I’m really restricted time-wise) but I upped the level intensity, so that felt good. Now I’m going to read (again) Plato’s slave-boy demonstration that all knowledge is recollection.

Plato thought the soul exists before birth, knows everything, and forgets the knowledge at birth. So, when we learn things, we’re really just remembering. Yep. That’s Plato.

That’s why a good teacher doesn’t give knowledge to their pupils. Knowledge is already in the pupil, and just needs to be drawn out of them. Teachers just need to ask the right questions – lead the pupil in the right direction.

I should see what my teacher friends think about that.

Well. Time to go get the kiddos from school. I love them. I can’t wait to see them. Bye!


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