Good Day

Today is going really well. And I thought I’d better pop in and make record of it, just to balance my tendency to come here only when I have more difficult issues to weigh.

I made it to the gym! And I had a great workout today. I pushed myself to work a little harder and just a tiny bit longer. It felt really good. And that reminds me… I have an update on one of my new year goals. With my ongoing quest to become more active I made the goal to work out more often than I did last year (on a month to month basis – not just overall). This is easy to track because I recorded all my workouts last year.

So the official numbers for January: in 2011 I worked out 6 times. In 2011 I worked out 12 times. Yay! Okay. It was an easy goal to beat since last January I had an off month. I’ll have to step it up a little in February since I worked out 12 times in February 2011. But I have one down already – plus I have that 29th day this year!

I dressed nicely today, put on makeup and took the time to blow-dry my hair. This helped me to feel good since as the insanity level of the semester has increased so has my tendency to wear hoodies, yoga pants and just throw my unwashed hair into a bun. I’ve been feeling a little frumpy.

(I think I probably had fewer showers this January than last January, but who’s counting?)

My first class went well. My presentation in my second class went well, and even better than that it is over with! I do not enjoy giving class presentations and I signed up for the first available day (and topic) just to get it out of the way. Now it is. Yay!

My third class was cancelled, giving me an extra hour to tie up a few loose ends around home and do a little reading (and blogging) and eat lunch sitting at my own table instead of in the car or in the hallway between classes. And in a few minutes I’m out the door to work. Busy. But good.

Tomorrow all four of us are piling into the car and driving to Vancouver (and back in the same day) so my oldest daughter can have an MRI at the Children’s Hospital. She has scoliosis (curved spine) and we have to go down every couple of months so they can check her. The MRI is just to ensure that her spinal cord isn’t currently in danger. We’re pretty sure it isn’t, just checking to be safe.

Then Friday, the same girl has her first all-day basketball tournament. She’s pretty excited about getting out of school for two days in a row.

As you can see, her curved spine is not visible from the outside because it is a perfect s-curve (30%). That’s kind of good, since her body looks and works normally, but it makes it impossible to brace, which would be one way to help correct the curve. So for now we’re just watching it, and hoping it doesn’t get worse when she hits puberty and has a big growth spurt.

Anyways. Vancouver tomorrow. Hoping the roads will be good, and the kids won’t get too bored during the two long drives. It will be nice to spend some time together.

Time to get on with the day. Thanks for popping in.


One thought on “Good Day

  1. So glad you had a better day. I’ve been thinking about you and hoping things were getting easier. It is hard juggling lots of stuff – I know!!
    Hope your big girl’s appointment goes well and that the results are positive. She looks excited to play basketball!

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