Name Me.

So since I’m blogging anonymously now, or attempting to do so,* I’m feeling the need for a moniker. My little handle up in the corner says “authenticiit” but that was because when I went to create the blog I had to come up with something, tried a hundred usernames that were already taken, was playing around with the word ‘authentic’ and was inspired by Kierkegaard, with the double a in his last name, who I had happened to be reading that day, and voila. Authenticiit.

But now it just seems lame.

I need a name, people. Something to ground me to this place. Something to identify myself by and make friends with. There are only about a dozen people checking this blog each day (and oddly enough, I already don’t know who most of them are) and I presume that you know me well enough to make some fitting suggestions.

Or at least give me some tips.

So. Whaddya got?

* Just a friendly reminder for those of you who know me to try and not use my name in the comments. I will be deleting those in the future.


2 thoughts on “Name Me.

  1. I kinda like authenticiit myself.. I think you should keep it! And I have been guilty of using your REAL name.. I wonder if it’s easy to stay anonymous for long, though. Nevertheless, I will do my best to keep your identity hidden from the masses. 😉

    If you read Hunger Games, you’ll get some interesting name ideas! 😉

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