Goal Reaching

So it is January 6th and I have already made great strides to a particular goal of mine.

 One of the things I wanted to do this year was to work out more often than I did last year.

I have been gradually increasing my activity level over the last two years or so. I have to admit that last January showed a bit of a dip in my progress because I returned to school after a bit of a break and I babysat my three year old niece for ten days so her parents could go to Mexico, and my routine was completely thrown off. So last January I only made it to the gym 6 times. My workout today was number 4 for 2012. By early next week I will have already surpassed last January’s total. That is making me smile today.


7 thoughts on “Goal Reaching

  1. Great accomplishment so far! 🙂 I have decided to continue to walk or exercise 30 min per day/ 5 days per week and so far, I have accomplished that. It just takes a bit of discipline to get my butt out the door. Then I love it!

  2. Still working on my goals for this year. I think one is to not put myself down so much. I wanted to also thank you for giving me your new blog address ~ I’ve missed your writing so much!! 🙂
    Oh and good job on your reached goals!

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