Bragging Rights

It is Boxing Day! Which means for me that it is time to get back to normal and start getting ready for January. It means getting all the sugar from the last week out of my system, taming the disaster that my living room has become, heading back to the gym, (spending the gift certificate I received for the mall) and figuring out my schedule for the next four months.

At 7am I poured fresh coffee in my new Starbucks mug (thanks Liz!) and sat down to transcribe some dates from my e-mail and from my old calendar into my new day planner. I went to the university website to double check that I return to school a full week later than my kids do (yes it is true!) (hello pre-reading!).

While I was there, I decided to log into my account and check my grades from last semester. After I handed in my last paper I just walked away and hadn’t looked back.

Today I looked back. And this is what I found. Copied and pasted:

10662ENGL 211001Literary Landmarks in English to 1700    Grade: A

10672ENGL 319001Literature of Modern PrisonGrade: A

11175PHIL315001The Empiricists (3,0,0)Grade: A

12734PHIL3170DSST: Kierkegaard & Descendants     Grade: A+

Undergraduate Summary

GPA Current Term: 4.08

My best term yet. There are usually minuses behind those A’s. I can’t believe I escaped a semester without a single minus.

Go me.


3 thoughts on “Bragging Rights

  1. Go YOU!! Congratulations– what a great set of marks! Well deserved! I hope your next semester is as interesting and successful as this one was! Happy New Year!

  2. Woohoo – that is fantastic!!! Well done, what a great result. I can’t believe you weren’t curious to find out earlier – I couldn’t have waited that long! 😉

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